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Meeting the needs of a rapidly changing business means constantly evolving and re-assessing your accommodation portfolio. Managing your space – and updating, monitoring and reporting on it – can now be achieved at the click of a button, reducing the time to effect change and protecting business activity. GoGreen provides online, real-time information, locating occupants by floor, department and ID. We manage drawings, drafting and uploading new office layout plans, and give you occupancy data across your commercial property portfolio. Instant and interrogative reports provide key information to enable qualified decisions to be made for both current and forward planning as your portfolio scales up or down, maintaining the benefit of efficient and effective occupancy.

Consult & Coordinate

Large-scale relocation has never really been about shifting gear; more about shifting people’s perceptions of change, instilling confidence in the project, and achieving seamless business continuity. Move coordination is key to how successful moves happen. It is people-focused and constitutes the hands-on planning of the event. It involves close interaction with staff, exceptional communication and a visible on-site presence. At GoGreen we coordinate every element of a move, acting as the interface between staff, the senior client team, our removal experts and other providers. We work closely with you, and keep you fully updated on progress. The end result is a smart relocation executed around business-as-usual, FMs freed up, and a flying start to day one in the new working environment.

Surplus Asset Disposal

GoGreen provides an end-to-end sustainable proposition across its entire service portfolio, with a zero-to-landfill guarantee. We manage and deliver environmental asset disposal programmes which, for unwanted surplus items, include donation to UK charitable and other third sector beneficiaries, aided by our own website. We achieve a financial return that we can pass on to you along with positive CSR and carbon offsetting. For items no longer able to serve their purpose, components are recycled at our own recycling centre, and fully audited. Our regeneration programme allows clients to have the choice to resize, refurbish and regenerate existing furniture, with significant environmental and financial cost savings. All in all it adds up to a better way to do business.

Churn Logistics

Beneath the radar of a large relocation event sit perhaps dozens of small moves and changes each year, otherwise known as ‘churn’. GoGreen removes the disruption and the risk of this potentially unsettling ebb and flow of people and assets by taking on your churn calendar and managing it expertly on your behalf. We apply the same expertise and principles to churn programmes as we do to major single move events, delivering moves and changes smoothly and swiftly, and synchronised perfectly with your core business activity. You invest in our time and knowledge only when you need it, and we also reduce noticeably the cost of disruption to your organisation.